Secret Number Two for Awesome Skin

OK, Peeps, I’m about to let you in on some highly coveted info. Your skincare regime should be shaken up and stirred from time to time. Why? Well, just like your muscles, which get used to a certain type and intensity of exercise, skin too can get used to products and can stop delivering the best results after a time. Thus, I like to think of my skincare regime as seasonal. It’s gotta be adjusted every so often. When it comes to skin spring cleaning, there is no greater product than Obagi. It will take your skin and whip it into tiptop shape in no time. This is a product that will have your friends and colleagues asking you what you did. The extraordinary improvements in skin tone and clarity will be obvious to everyone. Buy the full kit as you have to follow the prescribed protocol. And although it may seem pricey….at around $300, again for the full kit, it’s well worth it. In fact, I would say it’s almost like a facelift in a tube, or rather, tubes as it’s composed of several different potions that are applied in a certain order day and night. You should not use Obagi year round, however, as it can be too drying. Just use it maybe every three months to shake things up. And, very important to remember, do not use more than a pea-size glob of each cream. To use more is simply a waste. Just be sure you rub each cream in well. You have to get it into your skin and massaging it in fully and gently is the only way to make this happen. Love you Obagi!


Miracle Worker for the Skin

Besides staying out of the sun and wearing a powerful sunblock, the number one thing you can do for your skin is treat it to regular applications of Retin-A. People always ask me what I use on my skin to keep it looking dewy, wrinkle free and clear and my answer is always the same … Retin-A. Yes, you will flake. Yes, you have to be extra vigilant about applying sunscreen but the rewards are well worth it all. You can spend a fortune on La Mer skin cream and vitamin C serum and special facials but none of these offer the bang for your buck that Retin-A does. And I’m talking about generic Retin-A from India and Mexico. Trust me, it truly should be your lifelong skincare friend because it is indeed a miracle worker. I’ve been using since age 22 and the proof is in the pudding as they say. Go get some. I’ve recently found the best prices for it through Canadian online pharmacies and they don’t kill you with crazy expensive shipping either.